Overgrown and Unruly Trees?

Turn To A Tree Trimming Company In Braxton, Florence & Brandon, MS

Your trees are constantly growing, so they’ll need regular maintenance to stay beautiful and well-manicured. If you live in Braxton, Florence & Brandon, MS, consider getting tree trimming services from TRUE SOUTH TREE SERVICE.

You can count on us to trim your trees so they look full and stay healthy. We’ll also clean up all the debris and even clean up areas around your fence, so your entire yard will look polished. Get a free estimate for our tree trimming services today.

Keep Your Trees Healthy With Help From TRUE SOUTH TREE SERVICE

Just like any other living thing, your trees can get sick and weak. But we offer tree protection and consulting services to keep them as healthy as possible. After inspecting your trees, we’ll help you create a plan, which could include:

  • Preserving the roots
  • Maintaining healthy branches
  • Managing nutrient levels in the soil

Want to learn more about our tree protection services? Reach out to us right away.