Don’t Let Water Saturate Your Lawn

Arrange For Drainage Services From MS LAWNBOY & HOME FIXER UPPER, LLC In Braxton, Florence & Brandon, MS

Pooling water may not seem like a big issue, but it can drown your plants and rot tree roots. If it pools too close to your home, you may even get foundation damage. Thankfully, MS LAWNBOY & HOME FIXER UPPER, LLC offers drainage services in Braxton, Florence & Brandon, MS.

We’ll inspect your yard and use mini excavators to properly grade it. Then we’ll install drainage solutions. You can even request sod installation to give your grass a fresh start. To get residential drainage services, reach out to us today.

Get A Complete Drainage System

A high-quality drainage system is composed of a few different parts. Our team will give you an effective system by providing a:

  • Catch basin installation – This is a surface-level drain placed in a low-lying area that collects water.
  • French drain installation – This is an underground pipe that properly redirects water collected in the catch basin.

Schedule an appointment for a catch basin and French drain installation today. And be sure to ask for a free estimate