Who will work on my property?
I, the owner, Nathan Taylor, am present and work along with my crew most of the time, but when I can’t, the men that work with me are kind, respectful, and have a good attention to detail and will take great care of you and your property! I trust them!
Are you licensed?
Yes! I am a licensed tree surgeon in MS and an ISA Certified Arborist!
Are you insured?
Yes! We carry General Liability insurance of 2,000,000 aggregate and 1,000,000 per occurrence and can provide you with a copy, upon request, and list you as addition insured when working on your project.
What type of residential clients do you work for?
We have done commercial projects, but we mainly work for homeowners in residential neighborhoods as well as properties in rural areas.
What type of return can I expect on my investment?
Our goal is to go above and beyond to meet or exceed your expectations and attain your goals for your project in an efficient, neat, and productive way! We want to give you great value!
How do plants and trees help the value of my home?
Plants and trees add visual aesthetic value to your property as well as shade, soil retention, wildlife habitat, and much more.
Do you provide estimates?
Yes, free local estimates.